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Our primary mission is to fund life saving and life changing research that will impact the way congenital heart disease is treated.

  • We are excited to support the Structural Heart Program at Boston Children's Hospital and have pledged $100,000 to this research! We have currently donated $33,000 towards this goal. Join us in this pledge!

Structural Heart Program Diego Porras, MD, Chief of Division of Interventional Cardiology, and his team are developing the “research engine” of the Structural Heart Program that will drive innovation starting in the CATH lab and extend across the Heart Center at Boston Children’s Hospital. Analysis of the current data that’s been collected by the Heart Center and participation in more clinical trials are needed in order to develop new valves, look at safer less invasive valve options, and increase longevity of valves for both pediatric and adult congenital heart patients. The CATH lab will focus their valve research efforts on both intervention (discovering more valve options) and diagnostic (asses & tweak existing valves) to start. Our support will help establish and support the work of researchers and fellows that will be analyzing data and participating in clinical trials that will lead to better treatment options and journey’s for heart patients.

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